Justine and Bailey

How We Met

Bailey and I were in the same English and PE class in second semester of 10th grade. I had never seen him in my life before these two classes, but that’s okay, I was only 15 at the time. On March 12th, 2012 Bailey messaged me on Facebook saying “Txt me sometime! Im bored quite often!” so I found his number on his profile and texted him. From that moment on we would text each other everyday and we slowly began to fall in love. We actually had a number system because we decided one day to tell each other how much we liked each other on a scale of 1 to 10. One would mean as a friend, a five would be more than friends, and then a ten would be love. We both started at 5’s, I’m guessing because we had been talking to each other non-stop for a month before this brilliant system came around.
Before it hit May we began to get to 8’s and 9’s and so Bailey asked me if I wanted to go see the Avenger’s with him on the 4th of May. This would be what I considered to be my second real date ever, so I said yes. When we went on the date it felt really natural and easy even though we were both being super shy and slow to conversation. Then halfway through the movie he slowly put his hand on my thigh and was scared to actually hold my hand, so I had to grab it for him. That moment felt like fireworks. I’m not even kidding, sparks were flying through my body and I could not believe what was happening. After that movie he asked me on another date and we weren’t sure what to do so we just walked around my neighborhood and played on the playgrounds. When we got to the one park on my street – we played on the playground and I had my camera with me so we took some selfies with it, and then we laid down on the grass and looked at the stars, then he kissed me. That was my first real kiss and it was amazingly terrible. (Don’t worry, we got better.)  Then he asked me if I would be his girlfriend, and of course I said yes. After he dropped me off at home – he texted me that he was very close to 10-ing me. And I can tell you – I was close to 10-ing him too.


how they asked

On May 6th of 2016, we drove two hours from our home in Lethbridge to Waterton for our 4-year anniversary celebration, with our new dog Tigger whom we’d adopted only a couple weeks earlier. I love the mountains and I will head out to see them any chance I get, and he knows that, so this was the perfect anniversary gift. We both like taking this one hike up to what is called the “Bear’s Hump” because it tires us out and is super beautiful when you arrive at the top. After trekking up the mountain and then taking a couple pictures of the scenery and the view below, he took me to a more secluded spot on the hump and started talking about us and how much he loved me and the time we’ve spent together.


Then he started reaching in his pocket and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It took me all of 1 second to respond with a yes.


He later told me that he had gone to Waterton a couple weekends before with his best friend (the genius photographer) and her boyfriend to make sure everything was perfect. This was also why the day before he was pushing that he wanted to start the hike around 9am to make sure no one else was around – because he knew when the hike would start to get busy. He even had a code-text message for when she would be in the position to take the picture.

Now I’m going to have the privilege of marrying my best friend, first love, and the man of my dreams – and I couldn’t be happier. I found my soul mate at 15 years old, I got engaged at 19 years old, and will now be married when I am 21 and just graduated from University. Honestly, life couldn’t get any better. (Unless I win a million dollars to help pay for my crippling debt and wedding…)


Special Thanks

Cassidy Lester