Justine and Andrew

Where to Propose in New York City

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend in high school. We became best friends before we started to develop feelings for each other. Andrew asked me to be his date to our homecoming dance. We started hanging out more frequently after that and soon enough he asked me to be his girlfriend the night before Halloween 2008.

How They Asked

Andrew and I live and Southern California and had planned a trip to Europe after his birthday in September. We decided to take a little pit stop in our favorite city, New York. He told me we were going to Brooklyn to have dinner with his parents and sister. He loves pictures of the New York skyline and before we had dinner he was very adamant about taking pictures with the skyline behind us. When his sister took the picture of us, our family snuck in behind and all held up a sign saying “Justine Will You Marry Me?”. I didn’t see the sign until his sister showed me the picture. I quickly noticed there were people behind and I turned to read the sign.

Justine and Andrew's Engagement in New York City

He got down on one knee and proposed. Everything about it was perfect. I was so surprised and had no idea my family was going to be there. We are both really close to our family so it was amazing to have them there.

Special Thanks

Jun Donesa
 | Photographer