Justin and Corinthian

How They Asked

I was waiting for everyone to get together before I could propose. I wanted all of our family members there so they could witness our special day as well. We were going to celebrate my mom’s birthday so it was easier to distract my wife.

I showed my brother the ring and he was surprised. I gave the ring to my aunt to make sure I wouldn’t lose it. I asked my mom could I marry her and also asked two family members on my wife’s side. We went to New Orleans, La and ate at the Superior Mexican restaurant.

That’s was our final night in New Orleans before we head back home the next morning. I called them to make reservations. Everyone else was booked up and we had so many people that was the only restaurant close by that could hold all of us and a few guests came as well that lives in New Orleans. So we had some appetizers and talked a little while. Before our main course came out, I asked my aunt for the ring and made a toast.

I asked my girlfriend at the time to stand up and I told her how beautiful she was. I told her I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life and couldn’t see myself living without her and hoping she felt the same. I was so nervous I had forgotten what I was originally going to say. So the rest just came from the heart. She loved it and said yes. I put the ring on her finger and kissed her.

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Everyone was happy and my family was giving me tips. The restaurant congratulated us as well. It was all smiles from there. We got married on Oct 27, 2018. Moved closer to my job and bought our first home together. Living a happy blessed life.

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