Justin Christopher and Carla Isabel

How We Met

Justin and I met on the kickball field in the summer of 2016! I was super impressed by his mad kickball skills ;-), and he loved watching me run around in the outfield!

We began running with friends in the morning, and pushing each other to run faster/ longer/ harder. Finally, in December of 2016, I asked Justin to be exclusive after our very first date!

How They Asked

On the morning of Tuesday, March 12, 2019, Justin and I woke up before the sun was out to take an hour-long Uber ride to the middle of nowhere in a country we’d been in for less than 24 hours! Justin had planned a surprise for me on our first full day in Mexico City, which meant I had no idea where we were going when we turned off the interstate into the middle of a cactus field (‘Are we about to get ‘Taken’?’, I thought to myself).

By the time we finally stopped in front of the Sky Balloons offices, I was so excited to go up in a hot air balloon over the ancient Aztec city of Teotihuacan! Justin’s excitement (or lack thereof) quickly turned to dread when they couldn’t find our reservations… Here he was- nervous out of his mind because he was about to propose to the love of his life, nervous because of his crazy fear of heights, freaking out because they couldn’t find our reservations, and unable to communicate in Spanish with the cashier! Justin quickly got my mom on the phone, and the two of them worked their magic to make sure our reservations were found….

Where to Propose in Teotihuacan, Mexico

Our pilot, Jovanni, introduced himself and showed us our hot air balloon. As soon as we were off the ground, I was thrilled; leaning over the edge, taking selfies, pointing out the gorgeous views of the Aztec Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan! Justin…. not so much :) Justin had assumed the death grip on the balloon basket, and could not even blink out of fear. I told him he had to turn his head to see the pyramids, but he wasn’t having it! Between Justin’s fear of heights and the sound of the fire air filling up the balloon, Justin must have started to try and ask me to marry him about 10 times before he was actually able to get it out! (By that point, I’d sorta figured out it was coming :-D)

Proposal Ideas Teotihuacan, Mexico

Finally, Justin was able to make it through his proposal, “Carla, I am deathly afraid … And I’ve always had a fear of commitment, but I want to keep facing my fears with you for the rest of our lives” and he dropped to one knee inside of the basket, and pulled out the gorgeous ring that’s now sitting on my ring finger.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Teotihuacan, Mexico

I was so lucky the go-pro attached to the balloon was able to capture that moment! (because right after Justin had re-assumed the death grip! I even had to put the ring on my own finger, since he was so scared of being in the air!) Later, when I asked his mom why he wanted to propose on a hot air balloon given his fear of heights she said, “because he said you’re a daredevil, so you would love it” – and I did! It was totally perfect and awesome… and a memory I’ll keep for forever!

Special Thanks

Jovani Rendon - SkyBalloons MX
 | Piloted out Hot Air Balloon ride over the Aztec Pyramids