Brittany and Justin

How We Met

From Justin: March 2011, Our college basketball team was playing in the NAIA National Tournament. It was the Championship game. this blonde haired blue eyed girl in the front row with orange body paint on turned around to some random person and was asking for a piece of gum knowing she wasn’t talking to me I still responded with a no. I thought I was being clever.

That’s the start of our journey. A few weeks later I receive a text message from a random number asking if I got the money off of the counter to pay for the dry cleaning. That took our journey on a ride of two weeks worth of back and forth text message, creating nonsense about our make believe lives. I think we ended up with 2 kids who played soccer. The anticipation got to us and we finally revealed who we were to one another. Then we started hanging out and getting to know each other. Nothing serious. After about three months of that we decided the timing wasn’t right for either of us and it ended. Two years later, we picked up right where we left off and started dating. We both were going through some hectic times in our lives and realized that after 9 months we did not have time for one another and gracefully and politely walked away, again.We remained friends over the next 3 years but I never dated anyone else.

How They Asked

From Brittany: He told me about 4 months after we walked away from our relationship that he didn’t want to be with anyone else and would hope that I was the one until I had a ring on my finger from someone else. Only then would he stop hoping. Flash forward to 2017, our friendship grew closer. After only one week of our “first” date we both agreed that we knew that our time to be together was now and that it was all going to work out. He proposed a little over a year later in Myrtle Beach, SC while we were taking family pictures with my immediate family. The moment was so special, having all of them there. In that moment I’ve never been so sure of anything.


Special Thanks

Liz Terry Photography
 | Photography
Chelsea Adams
 | Hair and Makeup
Lexington Farmer's Marker
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