Justin and Wesley

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How We Met

Justin and I were first introduced by my close family friend, Debra and Justin’s Sister, Donna who worked together in Charlotte, NC. They insisted we must meet since the believed we would be perfect together. They plotted how to get us to speak to each other for at least two years! We both drug our feet and were not very interested in being set up, or we were dating other people. However, Justin reluctantly added me on Facebook to appease his sister. Then after waiting a whole year (I had decided not to Facebook message him first! I thought it was enough for me to accept his friend request!).

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In February of 2014 Justin messaged me out of the blue and introduced himself. We texted and talked on the phone for a while, but we did not meet until he was scheduled to fly to California from RDU airport a few weeks later. When his flight was unexpectedly canceled Justin remembered I lived near the airport in Durham, NC and asked if I would like to go to dinner. We had a lovely first date, eating at Cuban Revolution Restaurant & Bar, and strolling through Durham’s American Tobacco Historic District and City Center District. I was very impressed by his big heart, confidence and great sense of humor.

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how they asked

Justin had accepted a job offer in Atlanta the Tuesday before he proposed. I had just finished working 8 days in a row and planned on taking it easy that weekend. He told me to keep my schedule free on Sunday evening because he wanted to go out to a nice dinner to celebrate his new job and to thank me for being so supportive through the entire process. I told him that’s a great plan and I let him “pick” the restaurant and to just let me know what to wear. I decided to go along with the surprise. Little did I know, he had been planning this all month!

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He also scheduled an appointment for me to get my nails done as a thank you for being supportive. But, I was honest with him and told him that I thought it would be a waste since I work in a laboratory and my nails wouldn’t last very long. I suggested that he could paint my nails if he wanted to treat me. AND HE DID!!! (I should have caught on at this point!) He was so nervous about them being just right and even helped me pick the color.

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Justin let me know that afternoon that we had reservations at 6 pm and also mentioned that it was Triangle Restaurant Week. So I just knew we were going somewhere good! He drives to Downtown Durham and I am guessing out loud which restaurant we are going to. Nana Steak? The Little Dipper? After parking, I see the sign for Cuban Revolution Restaurant & Bar and I said “How perfect!” Since this will be one of our last outings in Durham, and we had not been back since our first date ( I still had not caught on).

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We go inside and there was live music on the main floor. The host takes us upstairs to a private event like room and there was only a sweetheart table in the room! I was suspicious at this point, but I didn’t want to be wrong. I asked Justin If he thought it was strange we were the only ones up here? He said they probably put us up here to get away from the music event (LIES!!). I couldn’t read my menu at this point because I was so nervous and he asked the waiter to give us a little more time to read over the menu (later I found out this was also planned!) After a short prayer before our meal, he told me how much he loved and appreciated me and wanted to give me a hug.

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After standing up for a hug, Justin said he had something to ask me….then he dropped down on one knee and proposed! I was so happy and surprised! With happy tears in my eyes I said yes! We hugged, kissed and I told him about all his lies! Then he pointed out that Dajuan from In His Image Photography was hiding across the room taking pictures!!! Also, he told me that my family and his family were downstairs waiting to come up and celebrate with us!! It was a perfect surprise!

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