Samantha and Justin


How We Met

He was my 8th grade crush, 9th grade homecoming date, and (9 years later) is now my fiancé! I can vividly remember gushing to my friends about the cute boy on my bus and being stunned when he asked me to be his date to the homecoming dance the following year. We made it through the awkward high school years, a long distance college relationship, and a year in the Army with communication limited to letters and the occasional phone call. Since I am in med school in Philadelphia and he goes to college hours away, we will have to wait another 2 and a half years to live in wedded bliss under one roof. But, what’s 2 more years when we have already waited this long?

how they asked

We had looked for rings together, so the proposal wasn’t entirely a surprise. He planned on visiting me for our anniversary and at the last minute he said that he got discounted tickets to this beautiful garden estate. In the most heartfelt tone, he told me that he was so sorry to keep disappointing me with no engagement ring every time we went on a date, and I assured him that it was fine. He looked so upset and it made me feel really bad for anticipating the proposal.

So, when we arrived at the gardens I was ready to simply enjoy a nice outing and appreciate nature’s beauty with my best friend. When we were standing in a little gazebo overlooking a lake, he pulled out his phone to take a picture but, instead, clicked the music player. I pointed this out, and he just smiled and played our song. At this point I was not expecting a proposal and thought he just wanted to have a sweet moment, but when he reached in his coat picked and took a knee I lost it.


The whole thing is a blur to me now but one of his good friends was kind enough to take beautiful photos of the proposal.


We are so thrilled to take this next step in our relationship!