Meg and Justin

How We Met

Justin and I met at Alvernia University. The first time he laid eyes on me was the first day freshman year when he was in line behind me and he thought “wow, that girl is beautiful.” Later on, we had a college class together and numerous times after class Justin would try and talk to me. I was super shy at the time, so to him, I wasn’t interested. The truth was…I thought he was SO cute that he made me nervous! Because we lived in the same building, we would occasionally bump into each other. He and his roommates started coming around more frequently on our floor. My roommate and his would stay up late in the hallway talking and slowly becoming close friends. Weeks went on and I finally found out (through his roommate) that he was interested. From that point on, we spent more and more time together. From the start, Justin always told me that he knew I was the one (how adorable).

how they asked

Back in 2014, my dad was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. It was so rare that doctors have not found a cure yet. After my dad was diagnosed, Justin was always there for me whether it was a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to. At the time, I wasn’t the easiest person to get along with. I was confused, angry and in denial.

After my dad passed away a year later, things were tough. My dad was my best friend and to him, I was truly his “little girl.” He used to always say the song, “My Girl” reminded him of me – “I got sunshine on a cloudy day.” I was his sunshine. We spent my years growing up bonding over the game of basketball. Every practice, every game he was there coaching me and cheering me on. It was our thing. With this being said, Justin knew how much my dad meant to me and how difficult it is to experience the big moments in life without him.

My dad’s favorite animal was a flamingo. A few months before the proposal, Justin bought a solar glass blown flamingo stand to put by my dad’s grave. We talked about finding a weekend to go there together. On Friday, September 7th we decided to go. It was a rainy day, so we weren’t sure if it was actually going to happen. As the day went on, we decided to go. While I was driving to the cemetery it was pouring rain!! As soon as I turned into the cemetery IT STOPPED. At that moment, I knew my dad was there with me. The grave was decorated beautifully with flowers. In one of the flowers was a letter with a flamingo on it. On the front of the letter, it stated, “Dear Gino” which was my dad’s name. Justin told me to open the letter. As I begin reading, I realized it was a letter to my dad from Justin asking for his blessing to marry me. The last line wrote, “I hope you are smiling down on us during this moment….the moment I ask your daughter to be my wife.” I slowly turned around and Justin was down on one knee.

I couldn’t image what Justin did! He knew I would want my dad to be a part of it and he made it happy. It was the happiest moment of my life. I always wanted a sign from my dad during this moment. The rain was the best sign of all.

I am happy to be marrying the most thoughtful, loving, and creative guy in the world!