Lauren and Justin

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How We Met

Four years ago, I walked into an interview for a business student organization and was instantly nervous to see that Justin was interviewing me. I had spotted him a week prior and called my girlfriends to say how cute he was! I was ecstatic to find out I had been chosen as a new member. Justin and I bumped into each other (literally!) at a college party. He had the same charm that I remembered when he asked me out to dinner. I blushed and blew it off, thinking that he wasn’t serious. Fast forward a few years and a few more blown off dates (what was I thinking?!). I finally took him seriously and went to dinner with my now fiancé.

how they asked

The happiest day of my life was on the beautiful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Justin has grown up spending family vacations on the island and shared many fond family memories that took place there.

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I felt special when I was invited to join the Schneider’s this year. Halfway through the vacation we took a walk on the beach before dinner. It was just the two of us talking about our plans to continue the family tradition well into our future together. Justin got down on one knee and I was instantly in tears.

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Meanwhile, his sister and her boyfriend were capturing pictures of the whole proposal.

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We enjoyed the moment on the beach and walked back to the house to find his parents waiting for us with champagne.

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Cheers to being a Schneider!

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