Lauren and Justin

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How We Met

Justin & I officially met in September of 2010, although we attended the same small school through elementary and Jr. High. My best friend and I got invited to a bonfire at a friends house who just happened to be one of Justin’s close friends that he ran around with in high school. I remember showing up to this bonfire around 7pm or so on September 4th, I was a sophomore and he was a junior. So naturally I was still in that awkward stage of my life where I was weird, chubby, and wore some of the most unflattering outfits you can imagine! *LOL* Neither of us had any intention of finding each other that night for various reasons, however we ended up talking and laughing the whole night. I, being a sheriff’s daughter, obviously had a strict curfew and had to have a ride home. It ended up being the guy who was having the party and my best friend in the driver and passenger seat, and Justin and I somehow ended up together in the back. So of course we start giggling and making fun out of our friends in the front for their silly flirting the whole way to my house, and decided to exchange numbers. From that day on I honestly cannot recall a day that went by that we didn’t text each other or try to find ways to hangout with all of our friends just to be together. He was a typical high school boy, wanting to run around with his buddies on the weekends and not worry too much about a girlfriend. I could have gone about being a normal teenage girl and hung out with all of my girlfriends all of the time like I usually did, but somehow I always knew he was different and I didn’t want to let go of him. On October 9, 2010 Justin and I went with a group of good friends to a corn maze that night and had a great time together. About 30 minutes after I had got home that night, I get a cute text saying “So will you be my girlfriend?” (Yes through a text message, we were 15 & 17 at the time remember) And of course I said yes, I had never had such a close friend as the one I found in Justin that I loved just simply being around. So from then on we were inseparable even more so than before. We both finally graduated high school and went about with college, finding jobs, and eventually moving in together. Going through life with him since we were younger has been a learning experience for both of us and altogether one great big fun adventure that we’re even now just beginning together. Being high school sweethearts just warms my heart to think about. We managed to grow together as adults, overcome our differences, love each other no matter what and we now have the greatest relationship I could have ever imagined. He’s my best friend for always.

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how they asked

Every year around Christmas/New Years we go with Justin’s family on a ski trip to a resort in Michigan, as skiing has become something we both enjoy. This year we went to Boyne Highlands Ski Resort and just like any other trip I was expecting to get there and ski, and never in a million years expected him to propose! Everyone had been constantly asking “When’s the wedding?,” or referred to us as “the married couple”.

We got to Michigan on New Year’s Eve and spent the whole day skiing and settling into our condo. The next day, New Years day, we went out skiing again and started the day out like any other time we’ve been skiing. Justin, his younger brother Logan, and I got on a ski lift, headed to the top and went down the first run together. Once we got to the bottom we got back on the lift and waited at the top of the hill for his parents and other younger brother, Austin, to catch up with us so we could all ski together for awhile. Eventually we were all together and started skiing down the hill, Justin went ahead of us as usual, but then all the sudden fell. Normally I would just ski on past him and he would eventually catch up, but for some reason I stopped with him to help him grab his ski that had fallen off. I had no longer got stopped on my skis and stood by him and instead of putting his skis back on and getting up he stayed down and then got on one knee!! At first I literally had no idea what was going on, and when I heard him say “Lauren, will you marry me?” and held out the ring I almost passed out. *LOL* He had informed his brother at the top of the hill to be ready to video tape it and Justin also got it all on video with the GoPro he has on his ski helmet. It was altogether perfect and a huge surprise to me, of course I cried. Actually the first thing I did was laugh and then started crying! He made it perfect and unique and managed to keep me completely unaware, as he had had it planned months earlier. It was hands down the best moment in my life to date!

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