Justin and Kristen

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Devils Bridge, Sedona, AZ

How We Met

Justin and I met 2.5 years ago, the old fashion way through mutual friends at a house party! They had not intended to set us up, we caught each other’s eye at the party and the rest was history!

how they asked

Justin had planned a trip for us to Arizona, for what I thought was to attend the Arizona State vs. Michigan State football game as we attended these Universities for undergrad (Justin is the Sun Devil and I’m the Spartan), but he had his own playbook! As part of the vacation, Justin suggested we take a day trip to Sedona and hike to Devils Bridge, which holds beautiful mountainous views, along with a nerve-racking walk out on to the “bridge”. Once we reached the point to walk out and get our daredevil photo, he handed his phone to a fellow hiker and asked him to keep snapping photos.

Justin and Kristen's Engagement in Devils Bridge, Sedona, AZ

When we started walking out, Justin started his speech and I came to realize the moment I had been dreaming of was actually happening. He got down on one knee and my legs starting shaking, I was crying happy tears! After I said yes, we made sure to wait to put on the ring after walking off the bridge as we were too nervous the ring would accidentally fall 80 feet down to the bottom of the ravine!