Kristen and Justin

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How We Met

My former college roommate, Jackie, told me she had a coworker she wanted me to meet. Little did I know, she had told a few single male coworkers about me, and Justin won the bid based on the mere fact that he lived the closest. Anyways, Jackie and I went to meet him at Hook’s–a fun little bar at the shore in NJ. I was taken immediately, and we hit it off right away. We had all started playing Photohunt (always a favorite), and slowly but surely, Jackie just backed away and had herself a drink at the bar. Before we knew it, it was just me and Justin and we had a great time hanging out. He texted as soon as he got home, and all the next day, and everyday after that we were in touch and in love.

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how they asked

After a long, hard summer at work, we were both finally able to coordinate a Friday off together in late August to spend on the beach. We started our day off by waking up early to catch a sunrise over the ocean in Seaside Heights. We set up our blanket and snuggled in close, chilly in the pre-dawn oceanic breeze. Before the sun had a chance to start rising over the horizon, Justin simply said, “Tin, I have a surprise for you.” I looked over and saw Justin holding a box with the most unique and stunning ring I’ve ever seen. “Will you marry me?” he asked. Without a second of hesitation, I answered affirmatively in the form of a soundless shriek and a giant hug, tackling him to the ground. We were both teary-eyed and delirious with joy, gazing into one another’s eyes and smiling larger than should even be possible. After few moments of bliss, I found my voice and pleaded, “Put it on!!!” The ring was still in the box, so Justin took it with shaking hands and placed it….on my middle finger. Laughing, I pointed out the error, and finally he slid the band onto my ring finger and we were engaged!

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Special Thanks

Kay English
 | Photography
Lauren Conrad
 | Dress