Kimberly and Justin

Image 1 of Kimberly and Justin

How we met: On July 25, 2013, Justin and I met through mutual friends at Put-In-Bay, Ohio for Christmas in July. From little I remember of that weekend, I was weary to hang out with Justin after. I worked up the courage and had safe words to text my friends, just in case. After our first time hanging out (sober), I was hooked.

how they asked: A little over a year later, Justin and I went to Martha’s Vineyard with his family. We had talked about getting married and I was praying that he would ask me that week. With the days and nights passing, I thought he chickened out and wasn’t going to ask. Thursday night rolled around, and Justin, his Nana, and I rode down the bumpy sand road to the beach to watch the most beautiful sunset that week, the most beautiful sunset of my life. With how rough the road was, and my full glass of wine, it was inevitable that it would spill all over my brand new sweater! Nana was taking pictures of me and Justin on the beach in front of their old house on the island. I quickly turned to Nana and told her I wanted to get pictures of her and Justin before the sunset was gone. Halfway to Nana, I heard Justin say, “wait Nana, take one more.” I turned around, annoyed because we would lose the shot, and Justin was on one knee! I kept telling him to get up, that he wasn’t doing this right now! He grabbed my hand and asked again, “Kimberly, will you marry me?” Hands shaky, tears rolling down my face, and my wine-stained sweater, I accepted! We are getting married on July 25, 2015 – two years to the day that we met!

Image 2 of Kimberly and Justin