Kelsey and Justin

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How We Met

I am originally from Georgia and went to a college in Florida. It was very difficult to get home for Easter, so I went home with my college roommate, Brooke a few times. I pretty much knew her whole family, except one person, her uncle. I knew of him by the pictures in her room and from when she talked about him. He was stationed over seas in the Air Force during the time we were in college so he was never present at Easter. Fast forward a few years, I graduated college in May of 2012. October 2012, his sister ( Brooke’s mom) wrote on my Facebook wall and said “You should come meet my cute little brother!” At this time he has just gotten out of the military and moved back home (Daytona). I didn’t think anything of this until I got a Facebook message from him directly, a few weeks later. Little did I know, his sister had been talking me up to him this whole time. He said “Apparently we make a cute couple!” We talked awhile and he asked me on a date. At this time I was living in Orlando, FL so I drove to Daytona for what felt like a blind date. He took me on one of the most romantic first dates I have ever been on. First the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse at sunset, dinner at a restaurant on the beach and to finish grabbed a bottle of wine and sat on the beach and talked for hours! Needless to say I have been hooked from that first date. :)
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how they asked

4 Years after our first date we had made plans to go back to the lighthouse and just do dinner somewhere. We had not been back to the lighthouse since our first date, so we thought it would be special. As I was getting ready for the night, he was drinking a few beers and sweating a lot. I laughed it off and was possibly getting inklings something might happen, but talked myself out of it. On the way there, he would not stop talking about random things, lol again with the inklings! We got to the lighthouse and me being oblivious I was trying to take selfies, pics, etc. He finally got me up the stairs of the lighthouse, where I was complaining the WHOLE way up about how far it was. We FINALLY reached the top where I was a little nervous about the heights. We talked a little and took a selfie. I finally kept walking around and stopped to find my roommate from college, Brooke, standing there with red roses and a phone. At that moment was when I knew what was happening. I turned around just as Justin was getting on one knee.

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Through the tears I said YES! Right after, Justin told me to look down. I saw his mom and sister at the bottom of the lighthouse. I also heard screaming coming from the parking lot. I thought it was just by-standers witnessing the proposal. Come to find out, Justin had my WHOLE family, including my parents who flew in from Georgia, come in to see it. Needless to say, I was bawling my eyes out. He had made reservations for both our families to go to dinner after the engagement! Justin’s plan was more than perfect!

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