Justin and Katherine

How We Met

Katie and I found love unsuspectedly. We don’t have some crazy story where we tripped and fell into each others arms and our eyes locked and it was love at first sight. Instead, it was magical but with very little backstory. We met on the common dating application Tinder. Although, she hates it I have dubbed it “Love at first swipe.” Our first date was to one of my favorite restaurants called Genghis Grill. She was having a rough day because of an audition at the Dallas Symphony Choir (she is a singer). She almost canceled. I am so glad she didn’t and I am sure she is too. Our next date is what really sealed the deal and what led to our first kiss. She and I went to Top Golf in Frisco, TX. I was not sure if she was purposefully missing her shots but never fear I was there to stand behind her and help her with tips making her shot worse but being sure to find ways to show that I wanted to be more then just friends.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Texas A&M University Commerce

Justin's Proposal in Texas A&M University Commerce

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The plan to get engaged had changed about 3 times! It was planned for 4 months and with the help of her friends and family it was a success! I knew the engagement had to be special, after all she was the most special women I have ever met! The plan was initially to do a dance flash mob at the botanical gardens. Coordinating a flash mob was a bit too much to handle and so the plan was constructed… We were celebrating a number of joyous occasions in the month of September so I devised a plan to have Katie set up a recital at her school as a gift to the family members. Their was several hiccups and Katie could not understand why I kept getting so upset. She later found out! She started her recital and it was amazing! She bowed and left the stage and the whole audience comprised of family and friends gave her a standing ovation and continued to clap after she left the stage. When this happens in Shows/Operas the singers will return to the stage and bow once more. When she came back, was she surprised! She had thought someone else was setting up a recital before she was done. Nope! Ms. Maxwell began to play the piano and the drums started to play. Singers and friends of Katie’s began to sing God Bless The Broken Road and hand her roses as they stepped on the stage. After all the singers were on the stage I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me! She Said Yes!!! You will notice a child step on stage and give a rose to Katie. That child is my 7 year ol

d son.

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