Justin and Josiah

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How We Met

Justin and I met late one evening on an app after we both had super long days. I’m a wedding planner and had had a long day with clients, and Justin was packing up his house getting ready to leave town the NEXT DAY.

We both logged on to the app at the same time and were online a total of probably 20 minutes before “meeting” each other. After chatting online for a while we decided that we wanted to continue our conversation in person.

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From the very beginning, I felt completely safe with Justin. He is an incredible communicator and a great listener too, which is helpful when you’re a talker like myself.

We talked almost until the sun came up, fell asleep for 2 or 3 hours and then I had to head into work. Justin moved from Tennessee to Kentucky that next day but that didn’t stop us. We kept talking all day, every day, and a week later I drove to Kentucky to spend the weekend with him.

We were and still are, inseparable. I say it all the time, that it has been the happiest and healthiest 14 months of my heart’s life. He has treated me like a king every single day, I feel valued, supported, believed in, and taken care of in every way.

I knew a few weeks into our relationship that Justin was my person and that I loved him, but we took things as slowly as we could because we have said from the beginning, that we want to do this the right way.

How They Asked

Shortly after Justin and I had met, I went to New York to visit a friend and since at that time, Justin had never been to New York, I asked him if he wanted to have a FaceTime date with me, long distance. I sat alone at a table for two in the center of Times Square and FaceTimed with Justin for a couple of hours, so ever since then, Times Square has held a special place in our hearts.

I go to New York a couple of times a year for Bridal Fashion Week. Justin has tagged along for the last few times and we love the magic of the city every time we are there together.

We had just left a runway show and were walking through Times Square with my assistant and Justin asked her if she could take a picture for us. Like any of the other thousands of people taking pictures in Times Square, I thought nothing of it. Justin took off his backpack, set it down and snuck the ring box into his hand. My assistant gets her iPhone out to snap a picture and next thing I know Justin is down on his knee. My jaw was on the ground! It’s VERY rare for me to get surprised as I micromanage by nature and for work, so for Justin to pull this off, it was amazing.

He got down on his knee, asked me to marry him, of course, I said yes, and then the NYPD and dozens our tourists around us began to clap and cheer.

My ring was perfect. A clean, classic band with hammered detailing in the middle. I stare at it every day.

That night, we flew to London for a week-long trip together. What an incredible way to start the next chapter of our life! While we were in London, I decided that I wanted Justin to have a ring as well! We walked around the jewelry district of London until we found the perfect band for him.

While we were traveling, I reached out to an insanely talented New York-based wedding photographer named Susan Shek. She is one of the kindest souls I have had the pleasure of meeting and agreed to take some photos of Justin and me when we arrived back in New York the following Monday. The photos are nothing short of magic. So so grateful for her and the amazing job she did, capturing our love throughout the beautiful cityscape of New York!

Special Thanks

Susan Shek
 | Photographer