Jessica and Justin

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How We Met

We first met at Texas A&M University. We always hung around the same groups but neither of us really spent too much time together. A year after graduation, we both moved to Houston and started hanging out since our friends all knew each other well. We started to date July 1, 2014 and after only a few weeks, Justin went to Argentina for a month with work. As soon as he returned we were inseparable. We had been dating a little over 2 years, on September 17, 2016, when Justin proposed in Fredericksburg, TX.

how they asked

Justin’s company frequently has Golf Tournaments, which is great for him since he loves to golf. About a month before he proposed he told me he had another Company Golf Tournament he would get to attend. He sent me a picture of a raffle prize (bowl filled with raffle tickets and all) that morning. He was going to put a ticket into a “Fredericksburg weekend getaway” and another into a new TV. That afternoon he called me so excited that he had actually won the Fredericksburg weekend! I couldn’t believe it but I was SO excited because we had been planning to go to Fredericksburg anyway at some point that fall. I think I was so oblivious to him planning the proposal since he tricked me into thinking it was a ‘on a whim’ prize that he had won. He had rented this amazing beautiful cabin suite for us AND we were allowed to bring our little fluffy child, Sophie our Shih Tzu. On the property we were staying at was four wineries, a small vineyard, and even mini ponies that Sophie loved. We spent most of the morning there and then went to Becker vineyard for a while. We then came back to change, drop off Sophie, and freshen up for our last stop.

Lastly, we went to my favorite winery in Fredericksburg, Grape Creek, and took a tour and did a tasting. After we were just sitting at a table enjoying and a lady came over asking if she could take some pictures of us for the winery. Of course I was thrilled so we went out to a secluded part of the vineyard and she started taking photos. At this point I still had absolutely no idea for some crazy reason, and that’s when Justin told me that he had never gone to a golf tournament or won a raffle, and that the lady taking our photo did not work for the winery. He said a lot of other sweet things including that he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me.

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I was so completely shocked it was such an emotional happy blur, I bawled my eyes out of happiness for the rest of the night. After he proposed, we went to a fancy dinner in town and called ALL our family members and friends to share the great news! We drove home the next morning and were going to go to lunch with Justin’s mom to celebrate. Little did I know he had planned yet another surprise; an engagement party with our friends and family. It was no doubt the best weekend of my life.

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