Justin's Beautiful Message to Faith

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How we met: Faith and I met in college at Arizona State University in 2009 at In and Out Burger. Faith was new to AZ and she just happened to be talking to a friend of Justin’s. So Justin forgot all about his burger and went and tried to make small talk. This led to one incredible all night date that started with a game of horse, that led to, driving the entire freeway system in Phoenix jamming out to John Mayer, to eating at a Waffle House, then finally hiking a mountain and watching the sunrise. 6 Months later Justin challenged Faith to a game of horse once again but said if he wins, then she has to be his girlfriend. Thankfully he won…

The proposal (as told by the videographer): Justin and I had been planning to do some sort of video proposal for close to 6 months, and the ideas had been kind of all over the place. We thought of filming him getting the ring, talking to Faith’s parents, and so on. In the end, we decided to have Justin tell his story of falling in love with Faith and then add some symbolism throughout the video.

Justin wanted the actual proposal, however, to be in private and have everyone there to celebrate after, so it was quite nerve-racking for me to try and not be seen! My wife was filming from a window inside a cabin and I was hiding behind a tree that was about as big as me.

Here’s how it all turned out:

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Video by Everly Films