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On Sunday my wife and I celebrated 6 years of marriage and I wanted to do something she would never expect. 6 years of marriage is definitely a milestone, maybe not worthy of a full vowel renewal, but if you’re married to a girl like mine, you would understand why I did it. Image 2 of Justin and Calie

In January of this year I decided to start planning a very special and very top secret Vow renewal for my wife. I didn’t want her to have a single clue. Our living is made by photographing and videoing other peoples weddings, we do this full time. So over the years we had developed very special relationships with wedding venues, cake makers, wedding planners, dj’s and so much more. All I did was start asking around to people we knew and it was amazing how they all came together and donated their time and services to make this happen.

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Ok so, what was the day like? I’ll explain: The morning of May 1st I woke Calie ( my wife) up and told her how much I loved her and that I had a very special day planned for her, but that she had to do everything I told her with no questions asked. She agreed, and the first part of her journey was mere moments away. I asked her to go get ready and that a surprise guest would be picking her up in 1 hour. When she was ready, a good friend of hers named Kristyn picked her up and took her shopping for a beautiful dress, and then took her to a hair studio to get her hair and make up done. Obviously I made sure Kristyn picker her out a really stunning but simple white dress. It was not a wedding dress, so it didn’t give anything away :) While this was going on, I had to quickly get catering. It was the last thing on my list and I was terrified I wasn’t going to be able to get it in time, but in the nick of time Chic-fil-A stepped in and saved the day.

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That’s it, I had done it all, the planner and the owner of the venue were setting up the details, and all the guests were on the way. All I had to do now was wait for my beautiful wife to show up at home and we would be off. Once she got back she was obviously completely confused and asking a thousand questions. I pleaded with her to hang on just a few moments longer, and that all would be revealed soon :) We got into the car, drove to the venue, and well the video pretty much takes it from there. It was a day she and I will never forget and I might have to do it all over again in another 6 years. My wife is my best friend, and for the past 6 years we have gone through incredible ups and downs, and God has kept us not only together, but has bonded us stronger than ever. She deserves it all and I just wanted to share this special story with you.

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