Justin and Brooklyn

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How We Met

Justin and I were introduced at a Halloween party through mutual friends. I always say it was his Ghost Busters costume combined with his impeccable dance moves that drew me in. We spent the entire night dancing, talking, and laughing. I spent the next day telling my roommates that this was the man who was going to change my life.

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I had a feeling in my gut telling me not to let him slip away. A few days later he (finally) called and from then on we were nearly inseparable. In the last 2 and a half years since we met, we have moved across the country twice, vacationed all over the U.S., and even adopted a dog!

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how they asked

My favorite flowers are tulips. They were also my late grandfather’s favorite flower whom I was incredibly close with. For MONTHS all I could talk about was how excited I was to attend the Holland Tulip Time Festival in Holland, MI. I was even more excited after Justin brought up the idea of bringing our dog Tripp along for family photos. All week the forecast called for rain, and we thought we would have to cancel. However on the morning we were supposed to leave, the sky was as clear as could be. We knew it was a sign from my Grandpa that we should continue with our plans. After a 3 hour drive we finally made it to Holland. As we were walking through the Tulip fields, I was in complete awe of their beauty.

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I was speechless, which hardly ever happens. Justin’s mom had a friend who runs her own photography business who was also in town. She suggested that we stop in front of the windmill to take a picture. We took a few pictures then Justin turned me to face him. When I looked at him he was CRYING! I don’t think I have ever seen him actually cry!

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He gave me a beautiful speech and got down on one knee. Then he pulled out a POST-IT note along with the most stunning ring I’ve ever seen (I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy and he watches it with me – he’s my own McDreamy). I was in complete shock! It was the most breathtaking day of my life. To top it off, the weather was incredible. Not a single drop of rain or cloud in the sky. We know that it was my grandfather sending us his blessing.

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Special Thanks

Brittany Smitg
 | Photographer