Justin and Brittany

How We Met: Love sometimes comes at moments you least expect. Justin and I met at an local event I was attending with a family member. He tried his hardest to grab my attention but I paid him no attention. He tried to buy me a drink but I told him I could buy my own. A couple of months down the line I called him for a friend that was interested in him speaking for an event. He responded but wanted me to go out to breakfast with him. I reminded him the whole time that this was not a date. A few months down the line I realize he wasn’t so bad after all. I knew this relationship was different from my past. He was the perfect guy for me and the rest is history.

how they asked: This past week my girlfriends called about us doing a triple date night. I wasn’t sure due to work and school. I decided that we would go but little did I know that was there plan the whole time. On that upcoming Friday I was getting dressed to met my friends downtown to have happy hour before the men came for dinner. I had just text him and he told me he had just got off of work. We went down to the Mansion Hotel downtown Savannah.

As we finished our cocktails my best friend said how about we cut through the park to get back to our car faster. I agreed because my feet were starting to hurt. As we were walking through the park we saw some guitarist playing. My other friend said she had never seen anyone playing in the park. We stood there for awhile listening. The guitarist asked if he could play a song for me Thinking Out Loud. I told him I love that song.

Image 1 of Justin and Brittany

As I turned right my boyfriend now fiance showed up and grabbed my hands. He told me to look around I started seeing all of our family members and friends who mean so much to me. I immediately started crying. After the song was over he asked me for my hand in marriage. I am officially marrying the love of my life.