Justin and Ashley's Parisian Proposal

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how we met

We met during College. We had a class together one semester and both noticed each other, but never crossed paths. It wasn’t until the next semester when we were introduced by a mutual friend that things took off. Since that moment we have never looked back. We will have been together for six years in February.

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how they asked

We were planning our very first trip to Europe with the first stop being Paris. I had been thinking about proposing for months and couldn’t think of a more perfect opportunity and location than Paris, the City of Love. After researching and talking with numerous photographers, I came across the Pictours website. Lindsey answered all of my questions and also recommend multiple locations, she was different to other photographers because she listened and then steered me in the right direction. All the other photographers didn’t want to bother with a surprise proposal, they thought it doesn’t work out well given the fact that you have to meet someone you’ve never met in person in a foreign country at a certain time. It could be tricky but if you plan properly, it can turn out amazing! We are very happy that I chose to use Lindsey with Pictours Paris. She was very helpful picking a location for our suprise proposal and making sure we were at the right location.

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We were texting the morning of and sent pictures back and forth so we knew what each other was wearing that day. Lindsey blended in as a Paris tourist and got the perfect angle of my surprise proposal with the Eiffel Tower in the background. After we had a photoshoot and she helped us along with poses, also held purses and sunglasses for us. Could not be happier with the experience.

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