Justin and Alexis

How We Met

So, Alexis and I officially met in December of 2013 as we ended up on the same team that was going to England for a missions trip that was planned for a couple of months later in June of 2014 through our university. I say “officially” because we actually attended the same church and same university for quite a few years, but we only have seen one another a handful of times in passing.

Anyways, ending up on the same team sparked a friendship that was built over almost half a year as we trained with friends for the missions trip we were planning to go on. We soon started attending our church’s services together and hanging out more in group settings, and then when our graduation rolled around in May of 2014, our friendship started to spark into something more.

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With more than a month away until we were going to leave on the missions trip, we began to text more and hang out more one-on-one, but we didn’t start “dating” just yet. Fast forward to the missions trip, for three weeks straight overseas with our team (who actually didn’t know we liked one another as we wanted to stay focus on the main reason for the missions trip), we were able to see one another in a different light. We were able to truly see one another for who we really were. The trip brought out our character and personality more than before, which helped us decide if we wanted to continue to pursue what sparked between us once we left England. By the way, by the end of the missions trip, our team pretty much knew there was something between us.

Well, long story short, on our way back on our 12-hour flight from London to LAX, we sat next to one another and in puzzle pieces, I wrote a note she had to put together that pretty much summed all that I felt towards her. After, that is then when I asked if she would like to continue what we had when we got back. She said yes and we officially went on our first date a few days later at 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna Beach, CA and became official that day on July 13, 2014.

how they asked

Well, I set Alexis on a scavenger hunt where she would get a chance to spend quality time with her most cherished friends & family before making one of the biggest decisions of her life. At each location she would receive a puzzle piece, 4 in total that says, “Will / you / marry / me?” when put together. Behind those pieces were the geographical coordinates that marked the proposal destination we haven’t been to since our first date almost 4 years ago.

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Side note: As I wrote above in how we started our relationship, I also used puzzle pieces to tell Alexis I wanted to pursue her. That’s only one of the many details I tried to thoughtfully plan out.

– LOCATION 1: Alexis’s mom wakes her up to a note from me that says, “Everything that happens today is because…” and an Alex & Ani bracelet (and she loooves her Alex & Ani bracelets) that says, “Because I love you.” They then have mother-daughter breakfast time at a spot Alexis and her mom have been wanting to try out.

– LOCATION 2: One of my best friends and one of Alexis favorite people, Bryan, picks her up in a rented Mustang convertible (equipped with a mix CD with our songs created by me) to drop her off at the next spot to have lunch with her close girlfriends. I even include her best friend from NorCal through a special surprise video.

– LOCATION 3: Bryan takes Alexis to meet with some of her dearest mentors at a cute coffee shop down by the Newport Harbor. Another unexpected guest and mentor all the way from Kentucky drops by through video.

– LOCATION 4: I had Alexis’ dad surprise her by picking her up and take her to the last location where he would walk her down the steps to the beach and let her go to take the rest of the steps on her own. Along the way, there are sunflowers laid out in the sand (she always wanted to walk through a field of sunflowers, which are her favorite flower) leading up to a live acoustic band of my our friends playing our song (Justin Timberlake – “Not A Bad Thing”). Straight ahead she sees me, fiancé-to-be, waiting for her with the last puzzle piece. And well, you can figure out the rest….

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