Justeleen and Tj

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One of the questions that I get the most is, “didn’t you see it coming throughout the day?” & the answer is, I had not the slightest clue. This was our anniversary weekend & typically whenever we celebrate something, TJ always plans the entire day or weekend & I have no idea what we’re doing – so I just go along with the plan. He had already given me the heads up that my gift was going to be different this year (still didn’t have a clue.. I though it was actually a year away) & that part of it was going to be large & handmade, another part was going to be a “medium size”, and lastly that he was going to read me a letter that he had written me. + According to his plan, part of my gift was that one of our best friends Roman was going to take pictures of us for our anniversary.

Basically, he set me up so that I would not have the slightest clue.

We got to Laguna Beach & our friend Roman was there ready to snap some pics of us “for our anniversary”. He took this picture before we headed down to the beach to see my big present, read the letter, and take the rest of our anniversary pictures.

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We got down to the beach & I saw this super rad pallet, with a bunch of pictures of us, that according to TJ were either some of his favorite memories of us together or his favorite pictures of me. Not only that, but in the center he added Song of Solomon 3:4, which is the Bible verse that we believe the Lord confirmed our relationship with.

After I got my “big present”, he had me unwrap my “medium present”.

I unwrapped the present, but low & behold- it was an empty iPad box. (lol) TJ grabbed his letter from the empty iPad box & began to read it, making it very clear that he didn’t actually get me an iPad. He read me the sweetest letter, mentioning things about our relationship, my character, & things that the Lord has shown him in regards to it. + Not only that, but he even threw in a joke about how “we’re not getting engaged anytime soon.”

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To say the least, we were both in tears. It was the sweetest letter & that in and of itself was the best gift I’ve ever gotten.

THEN, He told me.. “close your eyes, it’s time for your actual anniversary present”.

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I opened my eyes, & he was down on one knee. It felt totally unreal & I couldn’t even believe it was happening! My first words were, “are you joking” haha, but after I realized that he wasn’t, I made sure to say yes! It was totally perfect & unexpected + the best anniversary gift/gift in general that I could have ever gotten.

TJ ended the night after the engagement with a surprise engagement dinner with our family.
Overall, I wouldn’t have wanted to change a thing & it was absolutely perfect!

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