Justeen and Demetrius

How We Met

Demetrius and I met in 2014 at Oregon State University as two freshmen in college. We both attended a house party separately with our cohorts and we had been introduced by mutual friends later that night. As the night went on we had seen each other in passing a few times and during one of our small talk conversations I vividly remember him mentioning that he attended Sac High which was in my hometown of Sacramento, California and not too far from my parent’s house in Elk Grove.

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When I got back to my dorm room I was so obsessed with figuring out who he was that I spent hours on social media looking him up, I found myself so fatigued that I couldn’t remember his name or the people that could be mutual friends of ours back home. By that time I had given up and was just hoping that I ran into him on campus sometime soon. On a large campus like OSU I recognized that this would not be easy by any means.

My friend Kala, who spent the night in my dorm, had received a text message pretty early the next morning asking if she had time to braid a friend of a friend’s hair. Pauline was the friend but Demetrius was the friend of Pauline that we didn’t know at the time. During this time, none of those details were shared. This was about 7 am and I had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep in me. Kayla asked if I would go with her and as much as I didn’t want to, I did anyway. So I got dressed and went down to the dining hall with her to grab some breakfast before we went to Demetrius’ dorm. While I’m putting syrup in a cup for my nasty to-go pancakes I looked up and there he was. He was in basketball shorts a Jordan tanktop and his hair was half up half down. I know it was him because I recognized that curly hair from the night before. You don’t see many men with curly hair like his. At that very moment, I must have ducked so fast hoping that he wouldn’t see me and luckily he didn’t.

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While we were eating Kayla had text Pauline asking for the dorm information, “Finley 312”. We headed that way which was only across the way from the quad that I stayed in. We got to the room, knocked on the door and Pauline opened it. Once the door was opened wide enough I realized it was him, Demetrius was sitting there on the bed playing some type of video game. We immediately recognized each other but I felt so embarrassed because my short term memory kicked in. In my head, I was trying my hardest to recall his name and every last detail he shared with me last night but nothing was coming to mind. Luckily, Pauline had introduced him as “my friend Demetrius” and that gave me a leg up. We were at his dorm for almost 2 hours maybe even longer, but I stayed and at this point, I really didn’t mind. With only 3 hours of sleep, I was attentive and conversing as if I had 12 hours of sleep in me.

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From that day on, we stayed in contact. Maybe 2 weeks later, we had both been hired to work at the same cultural center on campus and we remained friends for about a year. Many of our coworkers teased us and assumed that we were more than what we proclaimed but we weren’t, at least not yet. As the school year went on we would hang out occasionally, study together, and even attend campus events together. Summer came and we both went back to Sacramento, we saw each other a few times but never in front of our families. We finally fed into our attraction a year later (Fall 2015) and the rest was history….

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How They Asked

For our first international trip together, we decided to travel to the island of Barbados. While planning, we had agreed to do a photoshoot together so we could capture a moment of experiencing a beautiful country. Partly, I just wanted professional pictures of us to put around the house. We booked the photoshoot through Flytographer in June and Demetrius had secretly been in communication with our assigned local photographer, Andrew, up until the day of the shoot.

We arrived at Bottom Bay around 7 am, it was super early but Andrew advised us to take advantage of the early natural sunlight. We started on the hillside to do a few pictures before we moved to the staircase. Between that time I had noticed there was two gentlemen on the beach flying a drone and I thought nothing of it. Nowadays, people fly drones as a hobby in America so I thought it was just there to capture pictures of the beach. After taking a few pictures on the staircase, we moved to the beachfront. I was absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. We had the whole beach to ourselves which made the shoot go smoothly and perfect.

Only a few poses in Andrew asked me if I would be comfortable taking a profile picture with Demetrius in the background, of course, I said yes. I didn’t see the vision but that was okay because we had agreed to give him full creative freedom. At this point I’m smiling, smizing, serving face (as they would say) to get a good picture. Andrew said, “Okay turn around, let’s switch” and THERE IT WAS!

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Demetrius was on one knee! In his hand was a black box that was shaped like a camera battery. My first words were, “what is that?” He just smiled and by then it didn’t take long for my emotions to catch up with my eyes. Demetrius asked me to come closer and when I did he pointed out the drone. He said, “I didn’t practice this part… but that drone is here for us… can you give me your hand?” I’m just in shock, I couldn’t think of anything to say tears just started rolling and my heart was beating extremely fast. I said, “Demetrius shut up… no shut up”. He followed with,” I didn’t even say anything yet, but you know that I love you right… and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you?” In the meantime I’m just nodding my head, whipping my tears and trying to control my emotions all at once. Next thing I knew the ring was staring at me and I just had to bend over and get a closer look because this moment was so surreal that I could have sworn I was dreaming. Demetrius said, “Will you marry me?” and with no hesitation, I said “YES”.

We continued with the photo shoot and I just couldn’t stop smiling and staring at this beautiful ring; it was the exact one that I wanted! Everything was so perfect! I had the ring, the man, and I was on one of the prettiest beaches on the island. The moment couldn’t have been any better! The moment kept replaying in my head and all I could think about is, the love of my life had finally asked me to be his wife! I was on cloud nine!!!!

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