What to Do After You’re Engaged

Congratulations—you’re officially engaged! There’s nothing quite like that fresh-off-a-proposal glow—but, as the days wear on, you might just find yourself wondering how to keep the good times rolling. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some helpful things you can do as you transition from post-engagement bliss to full-on wedding planning—read on for 3 pivotal steps you shouldn’t miss!

3 things to do after you get engaged

Just engaged? 3 Things to do first

1. Celebrate

Trust us when we say, the upcoming wedding-planning months will offer plenty of opportunities to stress out—so before you even think about setting a date, take some time to celebrate. We think it’s important to celebrate with just the two of you, as well as with family and friends. Opt for a great date-night or weekend getaway where you two can relive your engagement moment, drool over the dreamy diamond, and maybe even set some goals for your marriage. Then, when you’re ready to rope others in, have a get-together with those who are most important to you. Even if you’re not feeling like planning a full-blown engagement party, we love the idea of hosting something simple, small, and celebratory. A low-key, stress-free gathering of family and friends will be just what the doctor ordered before the demands of wedding planning kick in.

just got engaged? 3 things you should do first

2. Sign up for an account with The Knot

Think of The Knot as your wedding planning fairy godmother (minus all of the unsolicited opinions). When you sign up for an account, you’ll get instant access to super helpful wedding-planning tools for free—including a checklist, budget tracker, guest list manager, and more. Plus, you can create a stunning wedding website, and collect dreamy wedding inspiration—all in one place.

what to do after you get engaged

3. Start assembling your dream team.

This is where the real work—but also real fun!—begins. The first thing you’ll want to do when wedding planning is secure your wedding planner and your venue. You can browse the best wedding planners on The Knot’s marketplace—and you can also start searching reception venues in your wedding locale as well. Remember—a wedding planner is worth her weight in gold, so don’t skip this crucial step.

Whether you opt for a full-service planner or a wedding coordinator will have to do with how much help you’re seeking and what your budget allows for. A full-service planner and designer does it all (vendor management, guest list management, budget management, wedding design and decor sourcing, day-of setup and teardown, etc.)—whereas a wedding coordinator (90-day, month-of, or day-of) is there to simply help manage logistics in the weeks or days leading up to your wedding. She’ll be there on-site on your big day, but won’t be someone who recommends vendors early on or has a hand in the design process. Make sure you understand the differences between the two and know what your budget allows for before your sign on the dotted line!

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Photography: Kenzie Rae Photography