Juliette and Daniil

How We Met

I first met Danny in April of 2014 when I was living in Los Angeles and he was visiting from NYC for Coachella. We immediately had a strong connection but the timing was off. We lived on opposite coasts and had intense jobs that made a long-distance relationship almost impossible. We tried dating for a few months but just couldn’t get work and life to line up. We decided to go our separate ways, but never quite let it go.

The next time we saw each other was in January 2017, I had a work trip that landed me in NYC and we met up for a drink. That same spark we felt years ago was still there and we spent as much time together that trip as we could. We decided that if we still felt this way after all this time it was worth fighting for and time to go all in. The universe must have liked us together because about 6 months into dating this time around my company told me about a job opportunity in our New York office and asked if I’d be interested in relocating- I jumped on the opportunity!

We moved in together right away and we’ve been on this adventure ever since! It’s now almost our 3rd anniversary and I still can’t believe we were able to pull this off, but I’m so so so grateful.

How They Asked

Danny and I love to travel, so I normally wouldn’t think too much about us taking a trip, but this was different. One day he came home with a countdown clock that said 100 days and told me that he had planned an adventure for us but I wouldn’t know where we were going until we left!

Every ten days leading to our departure he would give me hints about how far away we were going and what to pack, but they were always sort of vague. “An island currently in its dry season” or “we can only get there by seaplane” until it was finally time for me to find out the secret- We were going to the Maldives!

Juliette and Daniil's Engagement in The Maldives in an underwater restaurant called Ithaa

Danny had everything planned for us from the moment we arrived, from dinners on the beach to swimming with manta rays and whale sharks. I had my *suspicions* about a proposal, but I wanted him to be able to do things on his terms and instead just focused on leaving behind frosty NYC to be on a romantic tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean with my guy.

Halfway through our trip, we had lunch at a restaurant that was literally located 5 meters under the ocean. It was so magical to be completely surrounded by schools of tropical fish and sharks in their natural habitat. Danny asked if we could take a photo and when I turned around he was on one knee with my dream ring!

I grew up in a tropical place so the fact that he knew I’d want this moment to take place with us surrounded by the ocean, bare feet in the sand was so special. I can’t believe we’re getting married!!