Juliet and Samuel

Image 1 of Juliet and SamuelHow we met: Samuel and Juliet met in high school on the swim team. He was a junior (16) and she was a freshman (15) in 2007. One day before practice Samuel met Juliet outside of the rom and asked her to be his girlfriend.

The soon to be Mr. & Mrs. have been happily dating since May 14, 2007 and cannot wait to spend forever and always together.

how they asked: Samuel popped the question on the 4th of July.

When we finished dinner my mom said “the sun is down why don’t we take pictures with the ‘good camera’?” I thought okay…As we were taking pictures we were up on the fountain, I turned around and got off thinking we were done, my mom said, “you know I think Samuel has one more thing and isn’t done”.

When I turned around he was on his knee and said, “Juliet Colleen Jagoe, will you be my wife?” I said as I was crying “is this real!? Is this serious?? OMG YES!!!”

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. We then went to some friends house and watched fireworks.

Image 2 of Juliet and Samuel