Juliet and Romeo

How We Met: We met in college 12 years ago.

how they asked: In the early morning, as we drove near the airport, I asked my boyfriend if he felt like having a cappuccino. As we arrived for a cup, he stared at the departures screen and asked me where I’d like to go with him in the future. We always wanted to go to Rome together, so that’s what I answered, expecting to move on toward Starbucks. At that moment he held me in his arms and suddenly showed me the tickets to Rome on his phone. He told me we were just going for a pizza and some coffee, assuring me we’d be back home in the evening. I had never been to Rome before so I was very nervous at the thought of flying there! Having visiting the Pantheon, he asked me at which restaurant I wanted to have our pizza.

Image 1 of Juliet and Romeo

I picked a restaurant and we had a seat at the terrace. After my pizza I ended up ordering a cappuccino. Whilst waiting, he started telling me about his feelings of love toward me. I listened attentively, and shortly thereafter the waiter arrived with my cappuccino with a cup carrying the text “Will you marry me?”. I started crying as he got down on one knee and began to propose, asking me if I wanted to marry him. I gave a resounding yes to my college sweetheart and best friend. It was a wonderful moment at the square, with people being happy and applauding as he slid the ring on my finger.

Image 2 of Juliet and Romeo