Julie and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I are high school sweethearts, however we technically met for the first time in 8th grade. Tyler was a new student then, and was placed at the same table as me in science class. The first thing I remember noticing is that he had the prettiest blue eyes!! He was also very sweet but so shy. He usually would just giggle at the weird middle school things I probably said. I mean did anyone look good in middle school?

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I had puffy hair, braces, and buttoned my polo shirt up to the top button.. HA. It wasn’t until sophomore year of high school where I really started to get to know Tyler through more classes. I remember having the same math class as him. We joke about it today, because he says I only wanted to be in his math group for his answers. Which is so not true! I am actually pretty good at math.

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Anyways, I have always had an attraction to baseball (players and game lol)! Junior year, I remember going to a high school baseball game and noticing Tyler on the field running out of the dug out. To my friend, I was like wait who is number 14? And it was Tyler. I realized he was looking really attractive. I knew I wanted to get to know him better! So as all high school aged girls do.. I get my friends to talk to him for me. After multiple friend exchanges, Tyler finally texted me! I remember this day because it is another thing we laugh about.

We texted for a couple hours then Tyler said something along the lines of “Well it was nice talking to you, have a great rest of your night.” I was bummed and thought for sure he didn’t like me after saying that. Somehow later on we kept texting, and he asked me out on our first date to the Cheesecake Factory. After this the rest was pretty much history! Tyler and I have been together for almost 6 years. After a year together in high school, Tyler went to Texas Tech and I went to Oklahoma University. This was a hard four years apart being six hours away, but it made us the strongest we have ever been. I am proud of all the experiences and choices we made for ourselves and how it led us to each other in the end.

how they asked

Tyler’s Side of the Story (Groom) It was a warm Saturday morning in north Dallas. The preparations had been for months, the location, family, party planning had all taken its toll over the months leading up. I drove to Julie’s side of town to meet with her family before seeing the bride-to-be. I showed her family the ring and went over the last minute details for the day. Everything was going great! Once I left the hotel, I had to spend the day with Julie, making it as normal as possible. I thought for sure I’d blow it, I’m not one who can keep a straight face for long. When I pulled up to her house I remember her opening the door and all I could do was smile.

She asked “Why are you smiling so much?” I kept thinking to myself ‘crap my cover is blown’. But I just kept it hidden. We had a normal afternoon. We ate lunch at an Italian place (not fully normal since Julie doesn’t like Italian food but I do) than we went to the mall to get myself a new shirt, because Julie said my shirt didn’t match her dress. Which in a girls world, that is a deal breaker! It was a pretty normal day but in that moment I realized nothing prepares me more for our life together than this. All the stresses and worries melt away when I am with her so I knew tonight was going to be the best night of my life. I had said we had a work event at the Dallas Botanical gardens, just something to throw her off. We were getting reading and as usual, she was right on time.

We drove to the arboretum while the family and friends convened at her place to set up the after party. The security guard let us through after a little convincing and we began our trek to the spot. Half way on our hike she began to raise suspicion “Why is no one here?” and “This is a far walk.” I brushed it aside as my mind was other places. We finally walked to the spot in the private garden. I’d like to say I perfectly executed my sincere and passionate, with a little humor speech. This however did not happen as I completely forgot everything I was going to say, and said something on a whim. However, she loved it and I got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and of course she said yes. I’m not a sappy or emotional guy, but that moment was tugging at all my heart strings as she bent over to give me kiss.

I really am the luckiest guy and beyond happy after six years together she said YES! Julie’s Side of the Story (Bride) I got engaged on 3.18.17 to my handsome man in the most beautiful place. He proposed at the arboretum and botanical gardens in Dallas, TX. I had been to the arboretum before for the fall pumpkin patch, and I loved how beautiful all of the different gardens were. I love photography, so Tyler knows how much I enjoy the natural settings, flowers, and of course any opportunity to snap a picture! A few weeks prior, I knew I needed to make a hair appointment to get my hair done (it was about time). There were only two open times and one happened to be the 18th. I texted Tyler one night and asked if we had anything going on the 18th.

He said he was interested in going to a work dinner at the arboretum and that we would dress up for it. I said I would be good with going and that my hair appointment would be in the morning anyways. A few days later Tyler verified that we were for sure committing to the dinner, because he said he needed to buy tickets from his work. I am usually the planner, so of course I had my list of questions for him. Who’s going to be there? Why is the dinner in Dallas? Forward me the email? What do I wear? He was actually very prompt to answer all of my questions. The week of the proposal I was a little suspicious with how my friends were acting. I had three invitations to get my nails done. (Geez my nails must look terrible!) I was even getting a horrible cold!! On Friday night I had a 99 temperature and was in bed.

As suspicious as I had been, I knew there was no way at that point anything was happening. All my friends had been told by Tyler to throw me off and they did. Two of my friends acted like they were at their home cities through snapchat pictures, one packed her bags to leave town in front of me, and even my parents were feeding lies to me. So on Saturday I still felt sick, but knew I couldn’t cancel my hair appointment in less then 24 hrs. So I got up and went to my appointment. (It is funny because I found out later that my hair place shares a parking lot with the hotel my parents were staying at!) After my hair appointment, Tyler came over and we went to lunch and ran to the mall to get him a shirt to wear for the “dinner.” My roommates helped me pick out my dress and helped get me ready.

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Since Tyler had bought the tickets for what he said was an “expensive price”, I knew my cold and I had to go no matter what. When Tyler and I pulled up to the gardens, he said he was there for a work event and the guard let us right in. There happened to be a large crowd there for a wedding, so we followed the crowd into the arboretum thinking they were there for the work event too. It wasn’t until we veered the opposite direction that I realized something wasn’t right. Tyler led me into a private garden that was absolutely beautiful!

Flowers surrounded us and overlooked a gorgeous lake. He said a heartfelt speech and got down on one knee and of course I said YES!!! After taking pictures we headed back to my house where my best friends and family threw me the best after party. We laughed and enjoyed each other’s company all night. It was truly unforgettable!! I am blessed by all the effort my fiancé, family, and friends put in to make my night so special! I will remember it forever!!! <3