Julie and Tom

Image 2 of Julie and Tom

How We Met: Tom and I met at God Will Provide Missionary Bible College, From the first day he came up, there was something about him that I noticed.

Was it his hair? Or how his eyes would shine in the reflection of the light? It was his zeal for God. He was passionate about his Savoir and what He had done for him.

I never believed in going to Bible College and ending up being with someone. But that’s exactly how our story begins. I would be involved in worship group and he was our guitar player. After a bunch of practices, I carried a bunch of prayers to God.

After the 4 month period at Bible College, we continued to talk, about missions, life, marriage and got into a serious matter towards Thanksgiving.

how they asked: February 14th, was the day that Tom proposed, even though I knew it was all coming at me, I was so surprised when he popped the question!

We went tobogganing, (sledding) warming up inside the building, he decides to sing me a song. I know he doesn’t like to sing, but he gets up, picks up his guitar and starts with a few chords. I thought he was being the sweetest guy to sing to me on Valentine’s Day, when at the end of the song he sings Will You Marry Me?

I didn’t get that until he got down on one knee in front of me with a ring in his hand.

I couldn’t believe I was in the moment of having this man asking me to become his wife!

Of course, I said Yes!

Coming home to wedding planning, It hit me, hard. I was going to move, and live with this handsome man for the rest of my life! I couldn’t be happier!

Image 1 of Julie and Tom