Julie Anne and Ethan

Image 1 of Julie Anne and Ethan

How We Met

Ethan and I met in middle school, we lived a road over from each other and spent snow days together sledding. I moved in a neighborhood of all boys so we hung out occasionally. We went to the same high school and dated our senior year of high school. We were only 18! Ethan and I dated all through college. We went to college in north ga where he played basketball and I joined a sorority. Now almost 8 years of dating we are so excited to get married back in our college town!

How They Asked

Ethan and I have been dating since our senior year of high school. We dated all through out college on the north GA mountains. On July 3, my mom and sister took me out for a day of shopping then our family including Ethan went to dinner all together. On the way to dinner me and Ethan had a conversation about getting engaged. Like I said earlier we have been dating awhile and my patience was starting to thin. He told me n the way that it would be awhile longer due to changes that came with 2020. After dinner being upset and tired from our previous conversation I told Ethan I was going to bed and I would see him tomorrow. He was trying to get me out of his truck and down the hill to my back yard. Waiting for us was the surprise of a lifetime. While we were at dinner friend and family had set up a proposal that looked like a scene from The Final Rose Ceremony. Rose petals, candles, market lights, pictures from the past 7 years, and huge marque lights that said “MARRY ME” light up my backyard. Ethan got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Shortly after friend sans family who has been hiding came out from that house to greet and congratulate us. It was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect!