Julie and William

Image 1 of Julie and William

How We Met

We met at college.

How They Asked

We were wearing lounge clothes and helping clean up his house and he kept begging me to go to his family’s pond to ride in a canoe since it was a pretty day. We finally went down there and he had a lunch box with “water” (which he usually never brings). He told me to sit in the front facing with my back toward him and I was questioning why I couldn’t face him. After we rowed to the middle of the pond he started moving and I was panicking because I thought he was going to tip us over. Then he told me to turn around and he was on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was so excited all I could remember was him telling me that he loved me. If was definitely a surprise and the location was so special! Off course I had to change into nicer clothes to take pictures and then we celebrated with champagne! Also the ring was customized and part of his grandmas ring was added to mine!