Julie and Tyler

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Gardens by the Bay Singapore

How We Met

Like a lot of millennials these days I met Julie on Instagram. Also, know as I “slide into her DMs” lol. Luckily she answered me back and we went on our first date and it was all fireworks from there. We just clicked and she became my partner and my best friend. We met about two years ago. Moved into an apartment together about 1 year ago. And being with her just keeps getting better. Since the meeting, we have traveled the world and it’s something we both love doing.

how they asked

As far as how I proposed, it took a lot of planning. I live in Rhode Island, United States and obviously, I proposed in Singapore. Julie and I first really heard of and saw Singapore actually watching planet earth 2 on Netflix. They did a brief segment of Singapore and showed Gardens by the Bay. I had no idea what Gardens by the Bay was until I saw that. And I was astonished how beautiful it was. So I did my research and I knew if Julie and I ever moved onto the next step of our relationship, Singapore would be the place to do it at. And it would def be at Gardens by the Bay. So I had to hire a photographer and I communicated with him until the day. When the day came, I and photographer set up a meeting point. But when I got there, there were so many people it was so tough trying to find him without Julie getting suspicious. Eventually, I found him and gave him a head Knod. I knew there were too many people where the main trees are and it wouldn’t be a good picture. So I walked to where there are just three trees where I knew there wouldn’t be too many people because I scoped the area out the day before. So, sure enough, I saw that I was in the clear with the perfect background and I did it. I held the pose a little longer cause I knew the photographer would need a little extra time. And sure enough, we got the absolutely perfect picture. Something that I know needs to be shared cause it’s just that good.