Julie and Scott

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Aboard the Carnival Miracle in the Caribbean

how they asked

We were on our first cruise together(my fiancé’s first cruise ever!) with my family and on embarkation night, he and I decided to find the highest place on the boat. We found it and sat there watching a beautiful lightning storm out in the distance enjoying our alone time. The next day was the first formal night, so we got all dressed up and Scott suggested we all go take family pictures on the spot we had found the night before. There we were taking family pictures on the super windy top deck, then one couple at a time… Mom and Dad, my brother and his wife, then us!

Where to Propose in Aboard the Carnival Miracle in the Caribbean

Everyone was standing there still with the phones pointed at us and I was wondering why weren’t they done yet?! Then Scott put his hands on my waist and gave the sweetest speech ever before getting on one knee. Best day of my life! There is no such thing as a better match for me than my Scott.