Julie and Rus' Sweet Sailboat Proposal

I was pretty clueless as I had a shoot that morning and was expecting a regular date afterwards with Rus to watch a movie and get some sushi. When he picked me up he told me he watns to go take a wlak instead at our favorite place on the river. When we walked by the marina entrance some random man who works there unlocks the door for us and says: “you guys ready for a cruise?”

Image 1 of Julie and Rus

Thats when I started getting a clue of what’s really going on! The sailboat ride was amazing. The air was so fresh and crisp! We sailed for about an hour, remembered the last two years of dating and our favorite memories and then he brought me up to the front of the boat told me how much I mean to him, got down on one knee, pulled out the most gorgeous ring and asked me to spend the rest of our together! My heart was jumping out of my chest! I said heck YES! I loved every minute of that sailboat ride and I love how creative my man is!

Image 2 of Julie and Rus

Image 3 of Julie and Rus

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