Julie and Raj

Image 1 of Julie and Raj

How We Met

We were part of the same group of friends from home but became closer during college. Since we enjoyed spending so much time together, we flipped a coin to determine whether we should date – heads we date, tails we don’t. The coin landed on heads and we haven’t questioned it since.

Image 2 of Julie and Raj

Image 3 of Julie and Raj

How They Asked

Raj has never been one to plan anything ahead of time. I didn’t know when or where Raj would propose, but I knew he wanted it to be a surprise. The anticipation of not knowing the proposal details was killing me and I made a few educated guesses regarding the date and location – all of which ended up being wrong.

Image 4 of Julie and Raj

I planned to spend a weekend in San Diego with my college roommates, completely unaware that the whole event was a cover. On the way to dinner, I suggested we stop by Gliderport since the sun was about to set. When we arrived, I saw Raj waiting at the edge of the cliff. After he proposed, I was even more surprised to see all our friends later at dinner to celebrate.

Image 5 of Julie and Raj

Special Thanks

Shivani Reddy
 | Photographer