Julie and Quinten

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How We Met

Two years ago, after a devastating house fire I moved back to Tennessee to go to the university of Tennessee. I moved in with my god parents to start school because I knew only one person at the university. The day I moved in they tried to set me up with this quarterback on the football team. Since my god father is the football coach… He was really protective who I hung out with.

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I became best friends with this guy Quinten they tried to set me up with, but just wasn’t interested in dating. After 4 months. I asked him why he still wanted to date and he told me “if you won’t date me I want you to be my best friend” from there on I knew he was the one.

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how they asked

Two years into dating… we came to my favorite spot on earth, Colorado. I was born here and my grandparents who have been married for 63 years live here.. I’ve told my parents since I was 3 I wanted to get engaged here because 1. It’s beautiful and 2. My grandparents are my role models and I never wanted them to miss it. I want a marriage just like theirs… On July 7, 2017 he brought my to my favorite place and got down on one knee.

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We got to grand lake and my mom was taking pictures and Quinten Hugged me and I asked “why is your heart beating so fast” and that moment he got down on one knee…

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