Julie and Patrick

Engagement Proposal Ideas in East Boston, MA

How We Met

Patrick and I have been together since 2010- we began dating after we met in college. The day of our proposal was the same day as my family Christmas party.

How They Asked

We were gathering at my uncle’s house which was right down the street from our apartment in South Boston. The party ensued as normal, drinks were poured, caught up with family and patiently waiting for the arrival of my new baby cousin!

Not only was he going to be there, but my sister was also announcing to the family she was pregnant! This was such an exciting Christmas party! Pat had filled me in a few days before that during the party, we had to leave to go to East Boston to meet friends to exchange Christmas gifts- and I was so annoyed! This was such an exciting Christmas and I really didn’t want to leave the party.

We left and drove to East Boston to “meet our friends.” I was not happy. I was not speaking to Pat and I was making him watch the GPS on his own! He parked the car and we walked over to the lookout and as we’re enjoying the view of Boston, he points to the skyline and says “what do you see out there” and I responded, “I don’t know- the Zaikum Bridge?!” I turned around to ask where our friends were only to see Pat on one knee.

Where to Propose in East Boston, MA

I was completely surprised and could not say yes fast enough! Once Pat put the GORGEOUS ring on my finger, I started to hear a clicking noise. I turned to find he had set up his brother to take photos! We are so lucky and grateful that he took these photos for us! Though the day started out not how I planned, the day was SO memorable and I could not think of a better way to start our life together.