Julie and Mike

how they asked: Mike knows how much I hate surprises, so you can only imagine how tough it was for this man to try to surprise me with a proposal. On my birthday in July, he told me his gift for me was to take us skydiving in early September–something we’ve always wanted to do together. When the day finally came, I was super nervous and excited. He’ll embarrassingly admit that he was much more nervous than I was, but he handled himself very well. As the plane was about 2 miles in the air, it was time to jump! Mike jumped first and then seconds later it was my turn.

It was such a rush. I was with my tandem jumper just enjoying the view and talking when we get a bit closer to the ground and he asks me if I can read the sign below. Now I’m feeling embarrassed at this point, because I’ve been telling Mike for weeks that I need a new contact prescription, as I can’t see that well far away and I say, “No, I can’t read the sign. I need new contacts!” The guy I’m with laughs a bit and gets closer. “Can you read the sign now?” I still couldn’t! He finally helps me out, because I clearly needed it and says, ” It says marry me!” At that point I could finally read it and I was in awe. There were two signs. One said “Marry Me?” and one underneath said “Say Yes!”

Image 1 of Julie and Mike

When I landed, I walked up to my man and he got down on one knee. After I said yes, I’m still shaking from all of the adrenaline when Mike tells me that our families are right behind me waiting to congratulate us. I turn around and our closest family members are waiting for us under a pavilion with hugs and glasses of champagne to celebrate. Afterwards, we all went to dinner where Mike had made reservations for all of us. The day was perfect and filled with so much love and support. He put so much effort in to surprise me and had so many people involved. Mike is such a wonderful and thoughtful man–one I’m more than lucky to spend the rest of my life with.

Image 2 of Julie and Mike