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How We Met

As true millennials, we met on Facebook. We were from different towns and went to different schools, about 45 minutes apart, so our paths had never crossed before. While on a field trip sophomore year of high school, I was scrolling through my feed and came across this really cute boy I was unknowingly was already friends with. I, usually reserved when it comes to dating, got a surge of bravery, and decided to message him first. A simple “Hey :)” was all it took. We started messaging and he quickly gave me his number to text him. We talked all night (a Thursday), then decided to officially meet each other at a local snow cone stand the next night. We each brought friends with us, and to our friends’ dismay, stayed there for hours talking and hitting it off. We both said we had never met anyone we felt so comfortable with so quickly before.

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Laughing and talking with him was as easy as breathing. He asked me on an official date the next night (a Saturday) where I then met his family. We talked and saw each other almost every day for two weeks before he officially asked me to be his girlfriend, and the rest is history. We’ve been through high school, undergrad, and now law school (for one of us…not me) at Ole Miss together. We’ve grown from high school babies to young adults together ready to take on this next chapter of life. We are BEST friends, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t been bold and messaged him that day on the school bus ;)

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how they asked

Matthew had been taking classes for law school this summer, understandably a very stressful filled few months. His finals ended on July 27th, and for weeks before, he and his classmates talked about how they were going to celebrate once their exams were over. About a week before the proposal and finals, Matthew told me everyone was planning on going to a fancy dinner after finals to celebrate. Sports coats, dresses & heels, the works. I didn’t think anything of it, as they had been talking about doing something all summer. Finals week gets here, and poor Matthew is a nervous wreck all week over what I thought was only test anxiety. I had been talking to my family all week (who knew of the plans and were in on it) and told me elaborate stories of their plans for the weekend. Again, I never thought anything was up.

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Friday the 27th arrives, Matthew successfully finishes his exams, and I rush home from work to get ready for our “dinner reservations.” When he comes to pick me up, he informs me of a pit stop we have to make, at Rowan Oak, the famous author William Faulkner’s house. A beautiful white country home that Matthew knew I adored. He said we were meeting his classmates there to “burn class notes” as a celebration of finishing classes. I thought it was strange, as I didn’t think they allowed fire at this historically protected home, but decided to go along with the group. We arrive, all dressed up, and meet our close friend/ Matthew’s classmate Susie and her husband Deandre. Susie (cleverly) had notes in her hand to “burn.” I, again, thought nothing was up. We decide to walk up to the house and “wait on the others” who had just pulled up.

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As we’re walking up to the house along the path of trees, Matthew lead us ahead of the group. He took my hands and faced me, and so nervously said his sweet, quick speech. I then knew what was happening and teared up with a throat that weighed 100 pounds. He got down on one knee and popped back up as soon as I said yes. Susie, Deandre, and the rest of the group took pictures of our special moment. After pictures and celebrations, Matthew said we were headed to the dinner I thought we were originally going to. We pulled up to a rooftop restaurant, and as I stepped out on the deck, was greeted to cheers from both of our families and my closest friends. He had planned a beautiful surprise engagement party filled with our favorite people, champagne, food, and decorations. It was the most magical, surprising, loving thing that has ever happened to me. The thought and effort he put into the planning, along with the help from our families, will always mean the world to me. I can’t wait to marry my soulmate!!

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