Julie and Matt

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How We Met

Matthew and I have an amazing history together. He is almost a year older (a grade ahead) and we met at Camp Kwasind through First Baptist Church in the summer of 2005. We had immediate crushes and joked around a lot. He even gave me a bloody nose trying to impress me in a water game and ended up hitting me in the face! After that summer, we stayed good friends and always had a little crush. We would go to the movies, bike ride, whatever we felt like. At the end of summer he would ask me to be his girlfriend and I would always turn him down because I ‘wasn’t ready’. He would be hurt and give me the cold shoulder for a few months and by January we would be picking up where we left off and becoming close friends for yet another summer.

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However, 2007 was different. I went away on a missions trip to Mexico and he wrote me letters while I was gone. It was then that I knew I had a crush on him. When I came home with the intention to tell him, he had a girlfriend. Throughout that time we remained friends and I never said a word. That relationship ended poorly for him and I was there to help him move on. We ended up becoming closer and the feelings grow stronger. In February of 2009 we started talking about dating again and ended up getting together on April 22, 2009. He asked me to be his girlfriend two weeks before his prom. I went and we had a blast. The first year of dating he was graduated and I was finishing my final year of high school, we went to my prom and had a blast as well.

He was there for me when I went through the University application process and I was there for him through his ‘indecisive’ stage. We then had to endure the difficulties of long distance as I moved to North Bay (2 and a half hours) for University leaving us to do distance for just under 5 years. As hard as it was when I first left, long distance was amazing for us. We each had some individual time to grow independently, make career choices, navigate our own relationships with God, make new friendships, focus on our education and so on.

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There were certainly some questionable, rocky times but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I graduated and moved back home in June 2015 and we’ve been 5 minutes away ever since. In that time, we have been able to realize our compatibility and get used to each other’s company again to prepare for our future. 7 years, 3 months and 6 days later we changed our relationship status and progressed from being boyfriend and girlfriend to the soon-to-be Mr and Mrs.

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how they asked

I was away visiting my friend Rachel who had just had a baby for a few days. When I got home, Matthew knew I had a play rehearsal from 8-10pm but he insisted I pop by quickly afterwards. He said we hadn’t seen much of each other lately so I should drop by for a quick kiss after my rehearsal. It was a Thursday night and I knew we worked the next day, so I thought nothing of it. I showed up to his house and usually I walk right in, but he text me saying to wait for him to come to the door because he had a surprise for me, he told me he made me something at work.

Matthew is a machinist and has made me random gifts before like name plates or carvings so I thought nothing of it. However, when I got to the door and he immediately covered my eyes I knew something was up. He was leading me to the backdoor where his deck is and I felt him shaking. We started laughing because as I was blindfolded he was trying to guide me through the sliding door opening without saying much which presented quite the difficulty. He uncovered my eyes and I was standing on his deck surrounded by the most beautiful lights and abundant amount of candles.

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It was all lit up like a fairytale. Matthew was on one knee with a gorgeous ring box in his hand when he asked me to be his wife. Apparently I had already started crying and choking up because I forgot to answer him! He looked up at me and said “well are you going to say yes or what!?”

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I laughed, said yes and we celebrated.

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To make it even more romantic, when he showed me the ring and explained its significance, I knew how much effort was in each detail. The ring is custom made as a “past, present, future” design with his mother’s diamond, his grandma’s diamond and now my diamond.

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Needless to say, a girl couldn’t dream of anything better! I can’t wait to start a life together.

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