Julie and Josh

How We Met

A few years ago Josh and I went out to dinner to catch up from high school, little did we know it would turn into the greatest love story either of us knew. Two days after our dinner I left to study abroad for three months and Josh never let me feel alone in a new country. He supported me through every new plate of food and every adventure. When I came home, he left for the summer to play baseball in California. Most of our relationship was long distance but never once did we let each other feel apart. Our love carried us through many distances and trials, even coast guard boot camp.

How They Asked

When Josh got home from his first deployment I knew he would want to go back to Raleigh NC, where we both went to college, and see our friends. On our way up there he kept talking about how he wanted to go to dinner at a food hall. We got there at 4:30 pm and while I tried to protest an early meal, he led me straight to the elevator. I had been to this place many times without him so I would like to think I knew my way around.

When the elevator started going up, instead of down, I immediately let him know we were going the wrong way. But Josh being who he is, walked right out when we got to the top. When I caught back up to him, he grabbed my hand, told me he loved me and to trust him. I did, of course.

Julie and Josh's Engagement in Raleigh, NC. On top of The Dillon

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Raleigh, NC. On top of The Dillon

He led me to the rooftop for the sunset. Up there was a string of our pictures, flowers, and my favorite quote. He got down on one knee and started crying. I knew he was the one. It is a day I will never forget.

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