Julie and Jordan

How We Met

We were Juniors in college. Jordan and I had been in the same core class all first semester and never talked once. I was engaged at the time and obviously not looking for anything from anyone. On our last day of the first semester, we had a final that forced us to interact with one another, so we did. We began talking for the sake of the final, and continued talking there after. I found myself lost in our conversations and not wanting them to end. There was something welcoming about Jordan and it drew my attention quickly. We sat and talked for most of the day until it was time for me to head home for winter break. We each went our separate ways for Christmas break; I was living in Indiana at the time and Jordan was heading home to Wisconsin. I found myself waiting for him to text me and reliving our conversation in my head; I knew this wasn’t something minor. As much as I tried to ignore him, I found myself more and more wanting to talk to him. We chitchatted here and there and I enjoyed every moment we had to speak. After returning to school after break, I found myself asking Jordan to hang out and go places with me. We would sit and talk and enjoy one another’s company as often as we could. When I knew that things were continuing to grow between Jordan and I, I went home to accept my situation. Luckily, the other person had someone else on his mind as well, making the end of the relationship somewhat easier. Neither of us felt the same way anymore and went our separate ways. I knew I didn’t want a relationship after just ending the previous, and while Jordan accepted that aspect, he continued to pursue me through dates, messages, and even surprising me for Valentine’s Day. I knew my feelings for Jordan were something real, but was too afraid to take a chance on getting hurt. I continued to spend time with Jordan and enjoy his company. Several months later, I found myself hoping for more than just a “friendship”. After six months of spending time together, I took a chance on dating. Jordan had showed me that he was committed through his months of chasing me and I knew this wasn’t someone I could let go. In April of 2013, we took a leap of faith together and established our relationship. I couldn’t be happier having him by my side and know our life together is going to be amazing. While we, as any other couple, have had our moments of doubt and disbelief, we have always persevered and pulled through, coming out stronger and helping the other when they’re down. I’m blessed to live my life with my best friend.

Image 1 of Julie and Jordan

how they asked

After moving to Wisconsin with Jordan in May of 2014, my parents had moved to Texas for my dad’s work. It was a hard situation to swallow, but knew my relationship with Jordan wasn’t something I wanted to let go. We agreed to spend every other Christmas with my parents in Texas and visit when able. Knowing that my parents weren’t around for much of our relationship, I asked that my parents be present when the engagement took place. Jordan took note and planned accordingly. Christmas 2016 was our year to go to my parents. We bought our tickets, packed our bags, and headed to Texas. We spent the first day and a half settling in and getting ourselves adjusted. On Friday, my dad and Jordan went to play golf while my mom and I did some shopping. We called when we were done to see where they wanted to meet. My dad had said that they were finishing up and that we could head to the golf course to meet for a drink; so to the golf course we went. When we got there, their tab had been closed and my dad had said that the dogs needed to be let out. He mentioned going to the boardwalk for dinner, but that we had to go home first. The odd part was that the boardwalk was close to the golf course, where my parents’ house was 30 minutes away, but my mom and I didn’t give it much thought. We headed home, changed for dinner, let out the dogs, and headed back to the boardwalk. We had dinner at a lovely restaurant outside by the water. We talked and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. After dinner, Jordan and my dad said we should walk around to wrap up the night. My parents walked together as Jordan and I did the same in front of them. We walked for quite some time when we came to the Christmas tree in the front of the boardwalk. Without thinking, Jordan took my hands, turned me around, and stared at me for what seemed like minutes. He began telling me all the ways that he loved me and how thankful he was to have me in his life. He told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and proposed. Unable to muster up any words, I shook my head yes and began to cry. It would be an understatement to say that was the happiest moment of my life. All of my dreams had come true in those few moments together by the Christmas tree and I realized our new life together was beginning. I was so glad to have my parents be there to celebrate and to have someone who would love and cherish me until the end of time.

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