Julie and Hong

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Toronto

How We Met

They have been dating for 14 years since they were 15 years old. It got to the point where not only Julie but everyone had been waiting for the day Hong would finally propose! Every single date night, Julie would dress up and make sure her nails were done “just in case”. She was so prepared that she was nervous that she wouldn’t be surprised when the day actually came.

How They Asked

On July 4th, a day after celebrating their 14th anniversary on the 3rd… they went out for a quick, casual dinner and dessert. And at the end of the night, as Julie was closing out their vlog in the car before heading home…

Proposal Ideas Toronto

Hong randomly busted out the ring, catching Julie completely off guard! The entire moment was recorded, she was definitely surprised, tears and all! Oh and her nails happened to be done from their anniversary celebrations the night before ??

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