Julie and Harrison

How We Met

One fateful day I was grocery shopping at Smith’s in Provo, Utah and noticed a cute boy in the produce section…we would pass each other every once in a while in different isles and would smile and keep walking. I decided to check out, and somehow that cute boy, Harrison, happened to be done at the same time. He got in line behind me and started to talk to me, making fun of the amount of hand soap I was buying…it was a lot. As my groceries were almost done being checked out, I was getting anxious to know if he would ever ask for my number…and HE DIDN’T. I was extremely disappointed and made my very slow, painful exit. Grocery boy should’ve asked for my number and I was devastated. Harrison now claims he did not want to be a creepy guy asking girls out at the grocery store. I got home and told my friends about the cute boy I would never see again. BUT, that’s not where it ends! A few weeks later I was at a party with some friends and I swear I recognized the grocery store boy, but I wasn’t sure. As my friends were pumping me up to go and talk to him, I turned around and he had come up to me. He also recognized me, we talked and THIS time he got my number. We went on a date, had a good time, and ended up not going on another for 8 MONTHS! BUT, that’s not where it ends! He had been on a study abroad for a portion of the summer and we went our separate ways, talking every once in a while. Then 8 months later Harrison asked me out. Timing finally seemed to be on our side, we started to date, fall in love, and THAT’S where the how we met story ends.

How They Asked

One afternoon when I got home from school one of my best friends and roommates, Ashley, came up to me super excited telling me that she had entered an Instagram giveaway (no surprise there, I was used to getting tagged in her entries hahaha) and won a helicopter ride with two guests for free! The only catch was we needed to film a promotional video for their company, we thought it was a win-win. So my friends Ashley, Cassidy, and I headed to Salt Lake to meet at the hangar with the pilot and videographer. I seriously did not suspect anything, Harrison had covered all his bases. He had made a fake email for the company that we had “won” the giveaway from, coordinated with his brother Mason who is a helicopter mechanic and had the free helicopter ride hookup, made it seem like he was busy, and I did not think he would propose in the next few months.

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So we arrived, they gave us some safety info, described what they wanted for the video, then we got our headsets and buckled up. We were all talking through the headsets, and I saw the pilot and copilot in the cockpit but thought nothing of it. The co-pilot had a jumpsuit on and a helmet and just wasn’t speaking with the rest of us. We landed on top of a gorgeous mountain and Trevor (the videographer) had us playing in the snow getting footage. While my dedicated friends kept me facing away from the pilot, Harrison had jumped out of the helicopter and was stripping out of the jumpsuit into a tuxedo. Meanwhile, I was laughing with my friends, then Ashley had me turn around and I was in shock. Seriously something out of the Bachelor. And there Harrison was walking towards me with a rose and looking handsome as ever. He knelt down, and you probably get the rest of the story…:)

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Ashley Llewellyn
 | Photographer
Trevor Lott
 | Videographer
Classic Aviation
 | Provided the helicopter