Julie and Greg

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How We Met

After college, Julie and Greg both moved to Arlington, Virginia to work at Deloitte Consulting. Somehow they did not end up meeting each other at work, though! Their starting class was 150 people, and Greg started earlier in the summer than Julie did. Greg graduated from Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES!), so he knew a lot of analysts in their starting class since Deloitte recruits heavily from there. Julie became friends with some girls at work who happened to go to VT, so they were friends with Greg from college. They planned a big group trip to the Outer Banks, NC in the summer of 2013, and Greg and Julie met there! They talked throughout that summer and started dating in the fall.

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how they asked

In June of 2017, Julie and Greg took a trip to Charleston, SC after a friend’s wedding. To Julie’s surprise, Greg traveled down with a ring and hid it from her for DAYS (not even in a ring box, loose in his pocket, since he was afraid Julie would notice the ring box). Greg knew he wanted the moment to be special and in private, and he anxiously awaited the perfect opportunity. After chickening out a few times, and after Julie ruined it a few times (who knew she felt proposing in a restaurant was so cheesy as the table next to them got engaged?!), Greg couldn’t take waiting any longer and got down on one knee the next morning in their hotel room as Julie was straightening her hair. It caught her totally off-guard and they left the hotel to go celebrate their new engagement in Charleston! They started with pictures in front of the Pineapple fountain in Waterfront Park, and have loved all pineapple everything ever since!

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