Julie and Greg

Image 1 of Julie and Greg

How We Met

Greg and I met back in September of last year. I recently moved back to Orange County from Oregon and recovering from a rough breakup. I was out with my group of friends at a local dive bar we like to visit and play pool. I wanted to play a game but all tables were full and to many players were waiting. I was getting bored and I started looking around at the people that were there. That’s when I saw Greg walk down the stairs and walk to the pool table next to us. Something inside me took over and I gained the confidence to go up to him and challenge him in a game of pool. Little did I know, Greg was a master at pool and I completely embarrassed myself. He continues to tell me that night was absolutely perfect (while I still cringe to myself). After that night, the rest was history!

how they asked

I knew Greg was going to go talk to my parents while I went on a trip with my Grandmother to Minnesota. He kept telling me that the proposal wasn’t going to happen until next year, but he wanted to talk to my parents and plan something big with them. I HATE surprises (except for this one) because I love planning surprises down to the last details. When I got back from Minnesota, Greg and I were flying out a couple days later to Michigan for a family members wedding. I kept thinking to myself “what if he proposes in Michigan?” I always had to calm myself down, because I thought he was going to plan something with my family. Greg did a great job by convincing me the proposal wasn’t going to happen in Michigan during our trip. Little did I know that on his birthday (7.12.18) he was planning on asking me. We celebrated his birthday, just him and I, by going to an amazing restaurant for dinner in Grand Haven. Grand Haven has this beautiful pier with a red light house on it that over looks Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, it had some construction going on so we couldn’t walk down the whole way. We went as far as we could and enjoyed the view. Greg then looked at me and said “You know, in a way, you are my lighthouse. I was lost at sea and you brought me back home. You are the light I have been looking for.” and (*whoosh* straight over my head that he was starting his proposal) I teared up, kissed him, and told him how much I loved him. After a few moments I asked him what we should do next, and he said “Well, what I want to do right now…” while reaching into his pocket. This was the moment it hit me and I started balling like a baby. The only words he got out was “Julie Michelle, will you..” and I blubbered out “yes of course!”. After I composed myself I called my family and told them the news and then some sweet lady on the pier asked us if we wanted our photo taken. I think I ended up enjoying his birthday more than him!