Julie and Garrett

How They Asked

I planned a surprise trip to Colorado. I stayed home from work on a Friday and packed both of our bags. When Julie arrived home from work that afternoon I told her to grab her bags and we headed to the airport. She didn’t figure out where we were headed until we got to the airport and printed out our boarding passes. We flew into Denver that night and stayed at a hotel close to the airport. The next morning we got breakfast nearby and then started to make our way to Breckenridge. I arranged to meet a photographer around noon at Sapphire Point which is a roadside scenic lookout just outside of Breckenridge. Luckily in the last hour of the trip Julie had fallen asleep so my nerves were able to calm a bit. We pulled into the parking lot of the lookout and we walked down a 1/4 mile trail to the point. At the point the photographer was there hidden in plain sight pretending to be taking nature shots. We asked him to take our picture and then I got down on one knee…”



Special Thanks

Aly Matei Photography
 | Photography
WG Jones State Forest
 | Engagement Shoot Location