Julie and Duane

Where to Propose in Beartooth Pass Mountain, Montana

How We Met

We were set up by mutual friends who considered each of us to be “the most genuinely nice people they know”. They gave us each other’s phone numbers and we started talking. Duane is a mechanic so I asked if he could look at my car. I went to his house and I hung out in the garage with him while he worked on my car. We then went to the junkyard to get some parts to finish the job. We both felt a connection that first day and saw each other every day after that. Three and a half weeks later I asked if I could keep a coffee maker at his house. Duane responded by asking what I thought of the idea of me moving in with him, so about a month later I did. That was five years ago.

How They Asked

In August we drove our motorcycle out to South Dakota from Minnesota for our annual trip to the Sturgis Bike Rally with friends. We put on 3,200 miles during that trip and drove out to Montana to the Beartooth mountains for a couple of days. It is extremely beautiful out there and it was a gorgeous day to be out riding. We got to the summit with an elevation of 10,947 feet and walked out towards the edge. You can see forever up there, miles and miles of mountains, lakes, clouds, and trees. This is where Duane surprised me by proposing, it is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. We went back to our group of friends and made the announcement which resulted in a group hug and a few tears. It was truly magical and would not change a thing. We plan on getting married at an old miner’s lodge in Wyoming located in the mountains because we love it out there so much.